Othello mayor encourages residents to write to governor

by Rachal Pinkerton
Staff Writer | May 19, 2020 10:02 PM

OTHELLO — The mayor of Othello is encouraging residents to write to Governor Jay Inslee to let him know how the COVID-19 lockdowns are affecting them.

“In the electronic age, writing a letter is a lost art,” wrote Shawn Logan, Othello’s mayor, in a post on the city’s Facebook page on Monday, May 18. “Nevertheless, it’s a proven way to influence our elected leaders. He isn’t seeing our online posts. He will see our letters. He will hear our concerns and it will have an impact. There is no telling how much a small community like Othello can have an impact at government’s highest levels.”

Logan and the Othello City Council have put together a plan that would govern how the city proceeds with reopening. The plan was developed with the help of community leaders and the medical community and has the support of Adams County Public Health Officer Dr. Alexander Brzezny.

“Whether you’re in favor of these orders by the governor or against them, they have affected all of us,” Logan wrote. “They continue to create uncertainty that promotes chaos in our workplaces, homes, and sense of community. We feel that our present and future is threatened in some way and we don’t know what to do about it.”

Logan is encouraging all residents to write Inslee at the following address:

Governor Jay Inslee

Office of the Governor

P.O. Box 40002

Olympia, WA 98504-0002

“Please take the time to write Governor Inslee today and believe along with me and our city council that we can make a difference,” Logan wrote.

Rachal Pinkerton may be reached via email at rpinkerton@suntribunenews.com.