Mattawa works on wastewater treatment facility repairs

by Rachal Pinkerton
Staff Writer | March 24, 2020 10:01 PM

MATTAWA — Progress is being made toward repairing Mattawa’s wastewater treatment facility after a fire destroyed the blower room on Jan. 9.

During a regular city council meeting on Thursday, March 19, Mattawa Mayor Scott Hyndman told the council that he and Public Works Director Juan Ledezma had met with the city’s insurance company and had a “wonderful” meeting. As part of getting insurance to pay for the rebuilding, the council passed an amendment to its contract with Gray & Osborne to allow the engineering firm to design the needed components.

The council also voted to return the two emergency blowers brought in after the fire.

“They are a little bigger than we need,” Hyndman said.

The council had talked about purchasing the blowers. But, since installation, Public Works has discovered that the blowers produce more air than needed for the wastewater treatment facility.

Hyndman estimates that by purchasing smaller blowers, the city may save $8,000 a month in power costs.

The insurance company has said that it will reimburse for the cost of returning the current blowers and getting smaller ones. Rental of the current blowers will continue until the new, smaller ones can be procured. Hyndman said that small blowers may have to be built before the city can get them.

Hyndman also said that the city is hoping to get blowers that are just as quiet as the current ones. At past meetings, he has remarked that about how quiet they are.

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