Shelter invites public to visit dog run area

Adams County Pet Rescue | June 9, 2020 5:33 PM

Adams County Pet Rescue is inviting the public to stop by and see all the improvements that have been made the last couple of years, especially the new dog runs between the building and Bench Road.

There are stipulations, though, due to the slow opening of businesses because of COVID-19. If possible, staff would prefer that those who would like to tour the grounds call ahead and there is a limit of two members of the public inside the building at one time.

More can, of course, see the dog runs. Kyya Grant, director, said there are usually seven to 10 dogs in the runs at a time and they are typically the larger dogs. Each one of the six sections has a shelter to provide shade for the dogs and protection from the wind.

ACPR is particularly proud of the dog runs. When the shelter was originally built the fencing was similar to that seen around a farm field — T-posts and woven wire. Dogs were continually escaping and getting hurt.

Rangels Construction poured 140 yards of concrete and installed 30-inch by eight-inch footings under each fence line. Then eight-foot high, two-and-a-half-inch round uprights were set into 12-inch by 30-inch foundations. After that, eight-foot fencing with tip-ins was added.

According to Joe Rangel, the eight-foot fence wasn’t quite enough.

“The dogs would climb the fence, so we put in very low voltage lines,” he said. “It won’t hurt the dogs, but they don’t want to try it again.”

The shelter chose to use steel, powder-coated gates with magnetic latches, with the same construction for the walkway between the shelter and exercise area for animal control.

“Having a place like this, the staff can take the dogs out to the runs and come back to clean their individual areas,” Grant said.

Also added was a dog-lover viewing area for humans where they can sit and watch the dogs play. This may give them a greater chance of getting adopted.

Those who choose to tour the building will need to have a staff member present at all times. Just outside the front door is a wash station to sanitize hands. Towels have been replaced with air hand dryers.

The shelter also offers a curbside adoption program where staff can come to people’s cars if that makes them more comfortable.

“More work is still being done and we hope people will stop by and see our improvements,” Grant said. “Just remember to stay safe and practice social distancing while we continue to fight the COVID-19 virus.”

Adams County Pet Rescue is located at 1961 Bench Road east of the fairgrounds. Hours are noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The facility is closed Mondays and Thursdays for cleaning.

To contact ACPR, call (509) 488-5514 or email adopt@AdamsCountyPetRescue. Be sure to visit the website at and like their Facebook page.