Letter: Do not pick my pocket for preschool

| February 6, 2020 8:42 AM

There is no state mandate for preschool. Moses Lake School District preschool has 35 pupils. Moses Lake School District used to provide preschool at no charge for every eligible student in the school district. Moses Lake parents now pay either $150 or $250 per month on a tier system. Othello School District preschool has 129 eligible non-paying students. Moses Lake stopped paying for optional preschool because it makes no business sense. I think Othello should do the same. Early childhood learning is paid for by the same levy dollars that pay for student athletics, drama, speech and debate, chess club, band, choir and other programs we reward our students with by allowing them to participate if they make good grades. These programs all suffer shortfalls when we use our levy money to pay for non-mandated preschool. I am voting no for the first time in my life, to press the point that I believe parents should pay for non-mandated preschool for their children. I am voting no for Othello’s EP&O Levy.

Sean Bates